vesicoprostatic: [ ves″ĭ-ko-pros-tat´ik ] pertaining to the bladder and prostate. The pudendal venous plexus (vesicoprostatic plexus) lies behind the arcuate pubic ligament and the lower part of the pubic symphysis, and in front of the bladder and prostate. Its chief tributary is the deep dorsal vein of the penis, but it also receives branches from the front of the bladder and plexus pudendalis.

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  2. Vesicoprostatic synonyms, Vesicoprostatic pronunciation, Vesicoprostatic translation, English dictionary definition of Vesicoprostatic. a. 1. Of or pertaining to the bladder and the prostate gland a. 1.vezikoprostatit · Kezelem a prosztatagyulladásra, ugyanakkor fáj · Вычисление интегралов по замкнутому контуру. Вычисление несобственных интегралов.

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